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$49 per man hour or we can give a quote/price for a job or if you have a quote from another provider(insured company) we will beat that by 10%.

A maximum of $80 for one trailer load of green waste.$40 for half trailer and if less than that then the amount will be less according to the green waste.

1 litre of Herbicide $2

$98 Minimum fee per visit which is for 2 man hours plus any other charges(Herbicide, Pesticide, Green waste taken from your property)


1. What will happen if i accidently hit or break anything in your property?

We are fully insured company so any accidental damage done by us please inform us we are covered for all the accidental damage caused by us in your property

2. How much you charge for green waste?

There is no tip charges for greenwaste but we will be charging the customer for green waste. The reason is there is traveling time for us from your property to the tip and the return time from tip to our next job and the time required for us to empty the rubbish. In this business time is money that is the reason we are charging for green waste. 
We charge $80 maximum for one trailer load of green waste if the green waste is less than a trailer load we charge according to the amount of green waste.

3. How much you charge for small job?.

We charge $98 minimum for a visit