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We are one of the leading ground maintenance in ACT and Queanbeyan(NSW). We have a reputation of prompt, reliable and regular servicing, with particular emphasis on our attention to detail.

Our horticulture service is really about understanding what you require and delivering the service with flair. Horticulture is all about the environment, it’s not prescriptive, it’s about working with you to ensure that whether it’s ground maintenance, landscape design we meet and exceed your specifications.

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Commercial/Body Corporate Service Residential Customers

Commercial/ Body Corporate Services

Grassed Areas
Grassed areas and edges will be cut in accordance with
season and any clippings will be removed from the complex.

Leaf Litter
Leaf litter will be removed from all common lawn and garden
as required, and removed from the complex.

All weeds are to be removed as required. Weed
eradication will be programmed on an ongoing basis.

All shrubs, perennials, ground cover and vines will be
pruned as required, with close attention to be paid to paved
areas, walkways and access areas to ensure they are kept
trimmed and there is no overgrowth. Any pruning material
will be removed from the complex. Remove dead shrubs and
trees upon approval of managing agent. Managing agent will
advise replacement shrubs/trees.

All hedges are to be maintained in such a manner that
encourages thick consistent growth.

Tree Maintenance
Trees are to be maintained through correct horticultural
methods. Trees which are oversized will be trimmed by
a suitably qualified arborist.

All driveways, paths and carparks will have a leaf blower
used to assist with removing leaf and other debris. Any
litter and/or debris will be removed from the complex.

Remove litter throughout the complex, with particular
attention to be paid to front entrance and mailbox area as
well as the carpark.

Lights in common gardens will be checked regularly and
replaced as required.

Any damage to the complex identified by the caretaker should
be reported to the body corporate manager immediately.

Any instances of unsafe common property identified by the
caretaker should be reported to the body corporate manager

Residential Customers

Lawn Mowing

Trim Lawn edges




Weed Control

Tree Pruning

Rose Pruning

Rubbish Removal

Gutter Cleaning

Green Waste Removal

Garden Makeover

All Season Cleanup

Leaves pickup

Driveway blowdown

Spiderweb Blowdown

House inspection cleanup

House sales cleanup

Spreading Mulch/Soil

Hand Weeding

Spray Herbicide/Insecticide/Fungicide

Whipper snipe Long Grass/Weeds